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VRA Academy over the years has consolidated its relationships with numerous key clients by assisting them in delivering in-house and tailor-made technical training courses. This approach does not only save cost and add value to the respective client, but also provide VRA Academy the added advantage of adapting the course to address their specific requirements.

Training in Power Operations in Engineering to Industries within the Sub-Region

We offer the following:

  • Competency Based Training
  • Electrical Equipment Testing
  • Consultancy Sevices
  • Recruitment and Assessment
  • Conferencing and Workshops

Customized Solutions

The Academy also offers customized training in the field of Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance including Pneumatics and Hydraulics, Protection and Control, Industrial Safety. To ensure maximum benefit and value for money for clients, our experts work closely with the organisation to identify the competency gap and develop the appropriate training programmes to address the gap. 

Below are some examples of in-house and tailor-made training courses that have been delivered by VRA Academy for its clients within Ghana and the Sub-region:

We aim to build upon foundations set and strengthen competencies through:

  • Customized Medium Voltage Training for Goldfields Limited, Abosso mine
  • Customized Hydraulic course for Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo)
  • Customized Rigging course For Bui Power Authority)
  • Customized Engineering programme for Mainstream Energy, Nigeria